Friday, January 27, 2012

October 2011 - Greatest Love.

Hi again. This is October 2011 challenge. There was no challenge for September 2011. This challenge was set by me & I was the only one who able to complete it!! Lol! I know they were all busy with work & family & the festive too (Hari Raya mood was still on that time)!!! :D

October 2011:
Greatest love.
-You need to follow the sketch as closely as possible (but you can change it a bit for example, if you want to replace the butterfly with dragonfly). You can flip it horizontally or vertically.
-At least, you find the title or journal from this song, Greatest Love by Whitney Houston.
-Colour will be a mixed of pastel & warm. At least 2 warm colours & 2 pastel colours. Colour preference up to you.
-Hybrid or Digital layout!!

My 1st take (digital layout)

Greatest love.

My 2nd take.

Cheerful Princess.

This is hybrid layout. I printed the photo with the frame & the title too. I used September Romance by After 5 Design.

Thanks for looking.

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