Monday, April 19, 2010

Fourth Online Crop.

Hello again dear readers. Finally, I managed to blog tonight about our 4th Online Crop. This time, it was different as the challenge set by myself only. I gave my dear scrapper friends 2 layouts to scrap.

1st Part:
The LO must be contain:
-Picture/s of your child/s doing some actions not more than 3 pieces of photos (actions, i.e; eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, etc...).

-Must included handmade embellishments (at least 70-80% of the embellishments were handmade).

-Must included some sewing or stitching!!

My layout.

Dolly's Layout

Renee's Layout

Anis' Layout

Masjuana's Layout

2nd Part:
A layout about yourself! It's the easiest layout, you are free to scrap it in any style you want, but must include a journal about yourself. There's no restrictions in creating the layout, any embellishments, any photos, etc... Easy peasy!!

Dolly's Layout

Renee's Layout

Masjuana's Layout

My Layout

Anis' Layout

Initially our cropping session this time was included Renee, Dolly, Anis & myself, but Masjuana decided to join us she felt motivated to see our layouts!! :D

So if any of you decided to join us, please add me! Of course my Facebook!! As I mentioned before here & a little reminder to those who add me please send a note telling you want to join the FSFS. :)

Thanks for looking! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another outcomes -- coming soon & add me!!

Hello dear readers!! Wait for another showcase of our outcomes ;) Meanwhile, if any of you are interested to join us please do add me at Facebook ---> by typing & don't forget to send a little message saying 'I'm interested to join the FSFS' (please do so, if not, I will not accept your friend request, I need to be careful hope you understand).

Why I asked you to add me (Facebook)? Because, it's the easiest way to connect all over the world at any time :) What are you waiting for? :D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Third online crop.

Our third online crop was taken on 25th March 2010, but due to some reasons, I wasn't able to meet the dateline which Renee set it 24 hours later.... I only finished the layout a day after hehehe... Sorry Renee!!

Our combined ideas this time were; handmade embellishments (Dolly Yong), a song which can be the title or lyrics (Renee) & picture/s of family (by me).

What made me late to submit this layout was I was torn between 2 songs!! Ouch!! I was in between of Jason Mraz' I'm yours or Whitney Houston's Greatest Love.. After much discussion with my DH (yes, I always refer to my dear hubby, hehehe he's 1 of my 'advisor'), I finally settled down with Greatest Love. It was because my handmade embellishment was a big heart shape & cut-outs heart shapes PP!! Hehehe... I also managed to twist the craft wire into the word Greatest.. :s it really hard! I used my bare hand to twist the wire... I wished I had plier that time.. which in the end I bought a set of pliers! :D

Renee's layout

My layout

Dolly's layout

Can you see all the layouts are sweet & lovely?? I love both Renee's & Dolly's layouts!! Very delicious layouts, I might say!! That's all for now, stay tune for our next layouts! This time it was a bit different from our previous crops! Thanks for looking! ;)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Second online crop.

Hello everyone! Our second online crop was taken on 24th March 2010. This time my scrapper friends who joined the crop were Renee (my best scrapper buddy!) & Anis Ling (Renee's best buddy).

In this crop, the ideas were monotones (Renee), must include exactly 3 pictures (Anis) & paper cut-out (by me. Initially, I wanted to include paper piercing but after much discussion about the real definition of paper piercing, we decided to change it to paper cut-outs).

I found it really difficult to keep my layout monotone!! In fact it was harder to match the right colour :s anyway, the first who succeeded to finish the layout was Renee!! Then followed by me & lastly Anis. Poor Anis, she was so busy that she submitted it way late.. But it's better late than never right?

Renee's Layout

My layout

Anis' layout

Now, we are on our fourth online crop! Yippe!! But first I need to post pictures of our layouts from the third online crop. Please bear with us! ;)

Thanks for looking!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our First Online Crop!!

Here are the pictures of our layouts. Our first online cropping session was on 22nd March 2010. We were having our school holidays (yes, we are teachers). So on that day, I was bored & decided to give online cropping a try.. In brief, I said 'Hi' to Renee on the Messenger. Yes, we like to chat a lot!! LOL.. I was trying my luck by saying would she like to join the online crop... Yada, yada, yada.... Voila!!! The 3 of us, Renee, Masjuana & I (yes, we were the bored teacher, boredom really killed us! Hahaha...) were having our very 1st own online cropping!! Yeahhh *clap, clap, clap*

I asked them to give an idea & we would combine our ideas to make a layout. After a not so short discussion, Renee decided we were only allowed to use PP (Patterned Paper), NO CS (Cardstock)! This came to a shock for our dear friend, Masjuana because she never scrap without CS!! LOL.... We really enjoyed that moment teasing & bullying her!! Masjuana decided for us to make handmade flowers. Lastly, I wanted us to include buttons & ribbons in our layouts.

We also decided we need a dateline to submit our layouts. Renee stated the layouts to be submitted not later than 12am! Which gave us plenty of time rather than 2hours! That what Masjuana suggested!! LOL!

Here are the photos of our layouts. Enjoy viewing it.

Masjuana's Layout

Renee's Layout

My Layout

That's all for now. I'll try to upload more layouts from our other 2 sessions. :) Thanks for looking!

P/s: currently, only Renee & I have blogs. Masjuana did have a blog but due to unfortunate event, she couldn't continue her blogging. I'll try to persuade her to open up another blog! Who knows she may want to? Hahaha.. Just hope & pray! ;)


Hello, welcome to From Scrappers For Scrappers blog! This is another addition to my existing blogs; Princess Scrapper's Life? & Let's Get Creative!!!!!

This is another blog I made especially for my scrapper friends who are super busy with their daily life. The story goes like this, on one night I asked a scrapper buddy of mine Renee to join me on cropping online. Surprisingly, she agreed! In fact, she suggested me to tag along Masjuana. So, I tried to ask her & she wanted to join our online crop!! What a wonderful night!! I really wanted to do this long time ago but didn't find a suitable time for it.

As a teacher, everybody knows that we are super busy human being, especially if we are already married & having kids!! LOL.. We had our 1st term of school holidays last March, this was when the idea of online cropping came up! I was thinking to myself that night, 'It was now or never.'

So far we did 3 sessions. The main purpose for creating this blog is, I wanted my scrapper friends to get motivated to make a layout by having an online cropping session together. This is not a challenge blog, but this is a sharing session blog. Please be patience, I'll try to upload all the picture of layouts from my scrapper friends.

Thanks for reading! :)