Monday, October 1, 2012

October 2012 - Hand Challenge!!

Hi everyone. I hope you all forgive me for being MIA. There are so many factors to be consider during these period of 3 months. Now it's 1st October 2012. 

Without further ado, here is a challenge by our DT, Klavu. I assure you it's very challenging even for myself! Lol! So I do hope you join the fun! ;)

October 2012
Theme: By Hand;
-Hand write your journal
-Hand cut your title - NO ready made stickers/chips are allowed.
-Handmade embellishments (you can use die-cut or freehand).
-Capture picture/s of your crafty hands (manicure is optional! lol!).
-Tell crafty things that you enjoyed doing by hand (the most & the least).
-Doodle your page.



I hope to see your creation here ;) please do leave the link to your blog (specific layout for this one) either in the comment section here or you can email it to me (you can find my email add at the right side bar) or you can post it in our Facebook Page (which you can find at the right side bar).

Hope you have fun creating this layout! ;)

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