Thursday, February 14, 2013

January Colour Palette Submissions.

Hello everyone~ Happy Valentine's Day!

Ok here are the submissions from our fantastic fans ;)

Agnieszka Bellaidea

Agnieszka Bellaidea

Jacob Reese (a 9 year old boy! Honestly, we are quite surprise & glad at the same time a junior scrapper join our challenge!)

Aurelia Escoto-Kemp

I will choose the winner randomly or rather my 3 year old daughter will choose! Lol! I will write down the names on pieces of paper & she'll pick one :)

Dateline to submit the layout is today. I will close the submissions at 6pm (local time), so if any of you want to submit before that you're still welcome :)

So come back here tomorrow & find out who's the winner. There'll be a new challenge for the month of February, which I'll assure you it's quite challenging to my DT & myself! Lol!

See you tomorrow!

Maya & the DT

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