Saturday, January 1, 2011

FSFS' December 2010 Blast!

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Hello!! Here we are~~ Are you ready for the Final Challenge of December?? Don't forget to drop by my blog at 12.00am (1st December 2010) to read my challenge for you!! See you!!

Best of luck!!

P/s: Sorry for being MIA again. I'll try to update this blog on September - November Challenges ASAP. Thank you for understanding :)

*27th January 2011 (Edited)

Our 1st & 2nd challenge were all about ALTERING!

1st Challenge set by Me (Maya):
-The journal can be a brand new notebook or you can create your own journal (making your own) from scratch.
-Must consist some recycled items (used).
-Colour theme: Pink, Blue, Green, Red, Gold (You must include at least 2 colours).
-Use techniques such as Stamping, Embossing, Layering, etc, etc...

Altered journals by:

Maya (more details click here)

Hjh Sucy

Hsiao L





2nd Challenge was by Renee:
-3D layering.
-Webster's Pages/Prima Marketing (can be both).
-Chipboard embellishment.
-Stamping/embossing (can be both).

Altered canvas by:

Renee (more details click here).

Hsiao L

Maya (More details click here)

Hjh Sucy


Thanks for looking!

P/s: I will update this part whenever other members submit their works ;)

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