Saturday, January 1, 2011

FSFS' December 2010 Blast! (3rd & 4th).

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Hello everyone! Here we are again~ Are you ready for the 3rd & 4th FSFS' December 2010 Blast! ?? I am!! Hehehe ok.. Please drop by at Renee's blog at 6pm later. There you'll find the 3rd challenge ;)

Good luck!

P/s: I need to wait for some of FSFS' members to finish their November challenge. So please bear with us for a while. :) thank you for your understanding.

*27th January 2011 (Edited)

Our 3rd & 4th Challenge were all about Scrapping Layouts!!

3rd Challenge set by Renee:

Renee scraplifted Hsiao L' previous layout.

Hjh Sucy scraplifted Maya's previous layout.

Hsiao L scraplifted Nora's previous layout.

Emma scraplifted Dolly's previous layout.

I scraplifted Hjh Sucy's previous layout.

4th Challenge & the last one ;) set by me:


Hjh Sucy

Hsiao L


Thanks for your support ladies (& gentlemen) ;)

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