Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Lucky Winner Of Challenge By Jaz~

Hello. Happy Chinese New Year to our Chinese readers & scrappers out there. Hehe, I know it's a bit late ;) It's about time, I'm going to announce the winner of Challenge by Our 1st Ever Guest DT.


*drum rolls*



Congrats to Nora! ;) Jaz PM me last night & told me it was hard for her to pick a winner. Hehe.. This is what she said "Hi Maya, I have picked the winner and it is NORA. love the simplicity of her layout yet there's gorgeous details around it. Aiyo, so susah to pick one! Lol."

Hehehe I laughed when I read it!! ;D Thanks Jaz for being our 1st DT. I love you girl!! May your creative life flourishes as a beautiful blooming rose! (What crap I'm talking about here? Hehe). Thank you once again to Jaz Lee Soo Hui. *clap clap*


Scrapper Maya said...

Congrats to Nora!! Yeeaaahhh!!

Poinz said...

Thank you so much!! So happyyyyyyy =)