Friday, March 4, 2011

February 2011 ~ Love is in the air challenge.

Hello everyone! Sorry for being MIA for awhile, I've been very busy with workloads!! Hectic!!

By the way, this is FSFS' February 2011 'Love is in the air challenge (I know it was late to announce hehe) set by me:
~Title must consist LOVE
~Main Colour: Red, Pink, Black, Brown, White & Cream (You can choose at least 2 colour combo. Other colours can be included but keep it minimal).
~Die-cut embellishments must be included (can be the ready made ones or the one you make).
~It can be your family, your spouses or anyone.
~Must have A CREATIVE journal (please be as creative as possible as in the placement, etc).
~2 pages layout!!! ;)

Here is my take on my own challenge.
For more details, close up pictures & you want to see where did I put my journal, you can click here.

Masjuana M

She's one creative scrapper!! Anyway she's a bit OTT (hahahhaa don't get mad at me Mj!!) She did scrap 2 pages layout but she couldn't resist to put those 2 pages inside the canvas & make it into a photo frame. :)) Brilliant take isn't it?


He's one of our male scrappers. I love his work on those die-cut swirl. ;) The colour combo is simply brilliant! :)

H. Ling
This is the latest addition. She's really wanted to make this 2 pages layout as this is her first time too, great job too! ;) *added 22 April 2011*

The rest are busy with their workloads as you all know most of us are teachers :))

Anyway, please be on the lookout! There'll be a big announcement this March, right here on FSFS ;)

Thanks for looking!

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