Monday, April 5, 2010


Hello, welcome to From Scrappers For Scrappers blog! This is another addition to my existing blogs; Princess Scrapper's Life? & Let's Get Creative!!!!!

This is another blog I made especially for my scrapper friends who are super busy with their daily life. The story goes like this, on one night I asked a scrapper buddy of mine Renee to join me on cropping online. Surprisingly, she agreed! In fact, she suggested me to tag along Masjuana. So, I tried to ask her & she wanted to join our online crop!! What a wonderful night!! I really wanted to do this long time ago but didn't find a suitable time for it.

As a teacher, everybody knows that we are super busy human being, especially if we are already married & having kids!! LOL.. We had our 1st term of school holidays last March, this was when the idea of online cropping came up! I was thinking to myself that night, 'It was now or never.'

So far we did 3 sessions. The main purpose for creating this blog is, I wanted my scrapper friends to get motivated to make a layout by having an online cropping session together. This is not a challenge blog, but this is a sharing session blog. Please be patience, I'll try to upload all the picture of layouts from my scrapper friends.

Thanks for reading! :)

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Suzila A said...

wow! another blog! great!! keep it coming girlsss :D