Monday, April 5, 2010

Our First Online Crop!!

Here are the pictures of our layouts. Our first online cropping session was on 22nd March 2010. We were having our school holidays (yes, we are teachers). So on that day, I was bored & decided to give online cropping a try.. In brief, I said 'Hi' to Renee on the Messenger. Yes, we like to chat a lot!! LOL.. I was trying my luck by saying would she like to join the online crop... Yada, yada, yada.... Voila!!! The 3 of us, Renee, Masjuana & I (yes, we were the bored teacher, boredom really killed us! Hahaha...) were having our very 1st own online cropping!! Yeahhh *clap, clap, clap*

I asked them to give an idea & we would combine our ideas to make a layout. After a not so short discussion, Renee decided we were only allowed to use PP (Patterned Paper), NO CS (Cardstock)! This came to a shock for our dear friend, Masjuana because she never scrap without CS!! LOL.... We really enjoyed that moment teasing & bullying her!! Masjuana decided for us to make handmade flowers. Lastly, I wanted us to include buttons & ribbons in our layouts.

We also decided we need a dateline to submit our layouts. Renee stated the layouts to be submitted not later than 12am! Which gave us plenty of time rather than 2hours! That what Masjuana suggested!! LOL!

Here are the photos of our layouts. Enjoy viewing it.

Masjuana's Layout

Renee's Layout

My Layout

That's all for now. I'll try to upload more layouts from our other 2 sessions. :) Thanks for looking!

P/s: currently, only Renee & I have blogs. Masjuana did have a blog but due to unfortunate event, she couldn't continue her blogging. I'll try to persuade her to open up another blog! Who knows she may want to? Hahaha.. Just hope & pray! ;)

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