Sunday, April 11, 2010

Third online crop.

Our third online crop was taken on 25th March 2010, but due to some reasons, I wasn't able to meet the dateline which Renee set it 24 hours later.... I only finished the layout a day after hehehe... Sorry Renee!!

Our combined ideas this time were; handmade embellishments (Dolly Yong), a song which can be the title or lyrics (Renee) & picture/s of family (by me).

What made me late to submit this layout was I was torn between 2 songs!! Ouch!! I was in between of Jason Mraz' I'm yours or Whitney Houston's Greatest Love.. After much discussion with my DH (yes, I always refer to my dear hubby, hehehe he's 1 of my 'advisor'), I finally settled down with Greatest Love. It was because my handmade embellishment was a big heart shape & cut-outs heart shapes PP!! Hehehe... I also managed to twist the craft wire into the word Greatest.. :s it really hard! I used my bare hand to twist the wire... I wished I had plier that time.. which in the end I bought a set of pliers! :D

Renee's layout

My layout

Dolly's layout

Can you see all the layouts are sweet & lovely?? I love both Renee's & Dolly's layouts!! Very delicious layouts, I might say!! That's all for now, stay tune for our next layouts! This time it was a bit different from our previous crops! Thanks for looking! ;)

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