Saturday, April 10, 2010

Second online crop.

Hello everyone! Our second online crop was taken on 24th March 2010. This time my scrapper friends who joined the crop were Renee (my best scrapper buddy!) & Anis Ling (Renee's best buddy).

In this crop, the ideas were monotones (Renee), must include exactly 3 pictures (Anis) & paper cut-out (by me. Initially, I wanted to include paper piercing but after much discussion about the real definition of paper piercing, we decided to change it to paper cut-outs).

I found it really difficult to keep my layout monotone!! In fact it was harder to match the right colour :s anyway, the first who succeeded to finish the layout was Renee!! Then followed by me & lastly Anis. Poor Anis, she was so busy that she submitted it way late.. But it's better late than never right?

Renee's Layout

My layout

Anis' layout

Now, we are on our fourth online crop! Yippe!! But first I need to post pictures of our layouts from the third online crop. Please bear with us! ;)

Thanks for looking!

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